My Background and Views on Technology


I've been fortunate enough to grow up around technology, such that it was always readily accessible - whether it was at the computer lab in school, or on a family computer at home. This was likely a large factor in my passion for computer technology. 

Going to the more broad term of "disruptive technology" in general, I'd say that they have had a very large impact on my life. I'm typically one of the first to try out and/or embrace something new, even if said idea ends up flopping later on. Kickstarter and Indiegogo have made exploring new ideas a lot easier nowadays. 

AI + The Future

"How do you think disruptive technologies will impact your life in the future? How might AI impact your job?" 

The point of disruptive is something so different that you wouldn't be able to predict it ahead of time, no? If that's the case, then one can't really predict what will happen 5-10 years down the line. 

AI on the other hand has already been around for many years, certainly with potential to be extremely disruptive. Because I plan on going into the computer science area, AI wouldn't negatively impact my job. It may actually positively impact it by creating more job openings!  

Ethics of Disruptive Technology

There's always ethical issues with both new technology and existing technology. Personally, I find some issues to be far more overblown than others (which should really be more emphasized). For the sake of not stirring up too much internet controversy, I will not put my own views here. 

That being said, They Say It Can't Be Done is a fascinating film on this subject that I was lucky enough to catch at the 2020 Colorado Environmental Film Festival. 


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